Endowa Product Series

Focusing on the research and development of intelligent manufacturing for automotive energy-saving and emission reduction systems, overall solutions for new energy vehicle thermal management systems, and core components, with complete intellectual property rights.



Virtue / Realistic / Innovation

Suzhou Endowa Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. was established on July 15, 2016 in Suzhou Industrial Park with a registered capital of 80 million yuan. It is a leading provider of automotive core components in China that provides comprehensive solutions for automotive pollutant emissions and thermal management systems. We mainly provide customers with new energy vehicle thermal management systems, vehicle evaporative emission control systems, vehicle intake and exhaust control systems, intelligent chassis and power systems, vehicle intelligent comfort systems, starting motor product systems, household electronic water pumps and other related technical products. The above products are mainly used in the fields of new energy vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, fuel vehicles, commercial vehicles, etc.The group has subsidiaries such as Suzhou Endowa Automotive Systems Co., Ltd., Suzhou Endu Molding Technology Co., Ltd., Changzhou Southeast Electric Motor Co., Ltd., Changzhou Endowa New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Ningbo Branch, with a production and office area of nearly 100000 square meters. There are nearly 1100 employees and over 140 intellectual property rights, including inven...


  • Speciality


    The company has nearly 150 R&D and technical personnel, most of whom have a bachelor's degree or above. The core members of the company's R&D team have at least 10 years of experience in mainstream OEMs or foreign component factories, with rich experience and extensive resources; The company has carried out multiple preliminary technical cooperation and cutting-edge technology reserves with China Automotive Research and Development Corporation and end customer OEMs, and has accumulated technical capabilities.
  • Stabilize


    The team holds shares and has long-term cooperation experience with actual controllers. The core members of the team are stable and have strong cohesion.
  • Sustainable


    Enterprises introduce senior talents, research and development talents, and fresh graduates with training potential through various channels; Establish industry university research cooperation with universities and research institutes to develop complete research and verification capabilities for automotive components; Ensure abundant talent resources.


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